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RenMab:fully human monoclonal antibody platform

RenMab mice have complete human antibody heavy and light chain  variable regions in situ replaced for the development of fully human monoclonal antibodies with high diversity, high affinity, and low immunogenicity.

  • RenMab mouse, generated by SUPCE, contains full human heavy chain and kappa light chain V(D)J loci replaced in situ.


  • RebMab carries the full human immunoglobulin heavy and kappa light chain variable region repertoire.
  • Directly obtain fully human antibodies from RenMab mice without in vitro humanization. This accelerates antibody development process and enable high-throughput screening.

  • RenMab mice can generate robust immune response comparable to wild type mice.
  • RenMab-derived antibodies have high binding affinities at sub-nanomolar range.


RenMab Mouse: A Leading Platform for Fully Human Antibody Generation