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RenNano:fully human nanobody platform

RenNano mice contain full human antibody heavy chain variable regions and a modified constant region for the development of heavy-chain-only antibodies (HCAbs) or nanobodies.

  • RenNano mice have full human heavy chain variable regions and modified constant region.

  • Obtain fully human HCAbs directly from RenNano mouse.

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  • Robust immune response compared with RenMab mouse

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  • Diverse antigen-specific antibodies discovered from RenNano

  • High binding affinity at nanomolar range

  • Good developability

Nano 100 Project

The “Nano 100 Project” aims to develop fully human nanobody drugs using RenNano mice for more than 100 targets, including tumor associated antigens (TAAs), GPCRs, immune-checkpoints, cytokines, and factors related to neurological diseases.


AACR 2023: RenNano® Mice: A Heavy-Chain-Only Antibody Platform for the Generation of Nanobody Therapeutics

AACR 2023: Discovery of RenNano®-Derived Human Heavy-Chain-Only Antibodies That Cross the Blood-Brain-Barrier