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Ovarian cancer, comprising 85-90% of malignant gynecologic tumors, is highly prone to metastasis and has a significant mortality rate. Unfortunately, 70% of ovarian cancer patients are diagnosed in advanced stages, with most experiencing recurrence despite effective initial treatment. As such, the need for drugs to address ovarian cancer is urgent. AMHR2, a type I transmembrane protein with low-level expression in normal tissues and high expression in ovarian, cervical, and endometrial carcinomas, is an excellent potential target for broad-spectrum tumor treatment. Its ligand, AMH, induces phosphorylation of SMAD4 to activate a series of signaling pathways. Therefore, AMHR2 antibodies that promote apoptosis or directly eliminate tumor cells show great promise for treating ovarian cancer and could lead to significant clinical benefits.

Biocytogen, in collaboration with its partners, has developed BCG007, an antibody drug that targets AMHR2. Utilizing the RenMab KO platform, Biocytogen and its partners screened multiple molecules using Beacon and conducted numerous in vivo and in vitro experiments to identify the top 4 molecules with independent epitopes and stable physicochemical properties. These molecules have shown a good anti-tumor effect in a variety of in vivo pharmacodynamic models of mice, significantly blocking the binding to the AMH ligand and the ligand-mediated downstream signaling pathways. Currently, the project is undergoing PK and PD studies and in vivo toxicology study in mice. Completion of CMC and safety evaluation is expected by the end of 2024, after which the IND application will be initiated.